Capt Mack's umbrella rigs are perfect for catching fish, both shallow and deep, especially when game fish are focused on bait fish schools. Capt Mack's umbrella rigs can be trolled super deep, or very shallow giving you total coverage of the entire water column by using different weight rigs, and different weights and numbers of jigs.  The rigs also come with a chart explaining how to achieve different depths with your rigs by adjusting boat speed and distance behind the boat.

The Fully rigged 3-Arm options utilize the 1.5 oz frame and come rigged with 4 or 7 Capt. Mack's Classic Bucktail Jigs with trailer tails and steel leaders already attached.  The 7-jig umbrella will fish deeper than the 4 jig umbrella and presents a larger 'bait school'.  

The Un-rigged 3-Arm umbrellas are the same 1.5 oz  frame and come ready for you to customize by adding your own favorite jigs or spoons and trailer tails.

  Click the image to download our Umbrella Rig Depth Chart

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