Catch more fish with help from the Nuts & Bolts Pro's.

You've got a front row seat for some of the most informative fishing information around. These videos from the Nuts & Bolts Seminar Series include all the PowerPoint slides, and the complete presentation from each Pro.   

Learn about Sonar, Rigs and Tackle, Fishing Tactics, Bait Choices, and much more.

Each collection is a series of downloadable videos that provides valuable insight on how to become a more productive angler for the lake or coastal region specified.   And, local charter guides share their secret spots to jump start your success on the water.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR DOWNLOADING:  When you make your purchase you will receive an email from us within 48 hours that has a link and code for downloading the files.   There will be several different web links, each corresponding to one video from that specific seminar.  It is imperative you provide your correct email address so we can send the links and unlock codes to you.  Email is the ONLY way you will receive them.  When you follow the link and insert the password correctly, you will scroll below the video window and click the DOWNLOAD icon.  From there you have several quality and file size options to choose from.  We recommend the 720p version for High Definition video and best resolution.  These are BIG files, so be sure you have at least 4 GB of free drive space on your computer to download all the files.    You are purchasing ONE download of each session.  You may NOT share the links or passwords with anyone else, or make copies of the videos to distribute yourself, as that constitutes property piracy.  And yes, we can trace the downloads.



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