Catch More Fish...Guaranteed!   Get the light that makes fish bite!  The Esca Lure Light is an amazing saltwater game fish attractor.  It uses the power of bioluminescent light to draw fish in from long distances in both daylight and nighttime fishing conditions.   It makes its own power using salt water.  The light frequency is the same as other sea creatures that create light, like shrimp, squid, jellyfish and krill...all prime food sources for game fish.  And it creates an electromagnetic field that fish sense as a living creature, so when they bite, they hang on.   Esca's come in two and green...the most common colors on aquatic life, and in two patterns...fading and fast blinking.   Use the green in stained water and the blue in clear water conditions.   These are amazing, and Esca guarantees you'll catch more fish.  Use it in combination with your favorite lures and live bait rigs, or fish it alone with the attached treble hook.


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