Lake Hartwell is an excellent striped bass and hybrid bass fishery.  But catching them means you need to know where they are.  Capt. Mack and Capt. Nate will be providing their insight and expertise on fishing with live baits and artificials, as well as how to fish them.  Most importantly, our Pro Staffers will be sharing their tactics, techniques and secret spots on the lake for springtime fishing.  If you've ever been frustrated on where to go, and when to be there, this is a one-time opportunity to get the real info from the guy who makes his living catching big fish.

Captain Nathan Key, owner of Shad  Slinger Fishing Charters, is a true outdoorsman, and has hunted and fished a variety of species across the Southeastern United States from an early age. After spending only a little time with him it's easy to see that he is most passionate about striped bass and hybrid fishing.     Nathan predominately fishes Lake Hartwell, which he considers to be his home lake. He is also very familiar with Lake Russell and the Clark's Hill reservoir.  In his early years, Nate was a commercial bait fisherman which provided him with a vast knowledge of the procurement and handling of almost every bait species.  And if you know where the bait is, you usually know where the gamefish hang out.  Nate will share his tips and techniques for stripers and hybrids...what to use...when to use to use it...and he will share his secret spots on the lake to help you catch more fish this spring.

Captain Mack Farr's credentials as a guide speak for themselves. Since 1982, his 300 days on the lake annually provide him with the knowledge and skills to consistently put fish in the boat.  Capt. Mack's Umbrella Rigs and famous Chipmonk Jigs are used by winning professionals in tournaments from Georgia to California. His books and videos are widely considered the best instructional tools available for those considering learning or enhancing their skills.  Capt. Mack will speak on a variety of topics including tackle selection, using artificial and live baits, trolling, downlining, and using planer boards.

Captain Cefus McRae will be the moderator for the seminar.   Capt. Cefus hosts the Nuts & Bolts of Fishing television series and has fished freshwater and saltwater destinations around the world.  For the Striper Strategies Seminar, Capt. Cefus will deliver in-depth information on the latest sonar technologies, and how weather affects fishing.  He will offer his unique perspective to get more out of your electronics and help you locate, and catch, more fish.