Spring 2018 Fish 'N Fest - Bay City Lodge, Apalachicola FL

June 14 - 17, 2018



The Spring 2018 Fish 'N Fest is currently Sold Out.   Check back soon for details on the Fall 2018 Fish 'N Fest with info on dates and location.

If you've never attended one, here's some information about our weekend of Fishing, Food and Fun.

Fish 'N Fest events are not fishing tournaments.  Instead, they present an opportunity to explore the fishing, the cuisine, and the hospitality and amenities of a fun and fishy coastal destination.   Except for the costs of the banquet evenings and charter guides (if you use one) there are no entry fees to participate.   And you don't need to own a boat to experience some great days on the water.  We will arrange local charter guides to take you out, at a very reasonable cost.

In case you're curious about just how much fun these events are...check out the Fish 'N Fest TV episodes from previous years.  We can't possibly pack all the fun in 30 minutes, but after watching these shows, we're convinced you won't want to miss out.  You don't have to own a boat, or ever fished saltwater to have a big time at a Fish 'N Fest.   And be sure to sign up for the Nuts & Bolts e-Newsletter to stay updated for all the Fish 'N Fest details.

Questions?   Email and I'll have Buck get right back with you.