A proven fish-catching combination...the Flutter Fluke pairs a Gamakatsu  6/0 Superline shank-weighted flutter hook with a Project-X Saucertail.   The weighted shank delivers additional casting distance, and provides a little weight to help the Project-X Saucertail sink slowly.   Using a jerk-stop-jerk retrieve, the Flutter Fluke rig imitates an escaping bait fish.   Properly rigged, the Flutter Fluke fishes weedlessly, and is an excellent choice when fishing structure, grass flats, weed lines and other places where traditional rigs would get hung up.  

An excellent choice for speckled trout, redfish, spanish mackerel, flounder, stripers, bass, pike, and any game fish that preys on schooling bait fish.

The package comes with a Gamakatsu 6/0 Superline weighted hook and 6 Project-X 5" Saucertails.

Available in Electric Rooster, Chartreuse Glitter, Ghost Pearl and Copper Penny colors.

$9.49 X