3" Project X Saucertail Swimbaits are the super deadly smaller sized versions of the 5" swimbaits!  They won't dry out and harden on the hook.   And there's no oily, stinky mess to deal with.   These baits have a superior action when retrieved or jigged.  And they are supercharged with scent to help fish zone in, and when they bite, more scent comes out so they won't let go.   Project X Saucertails also have the added benefit of lasting longer than conventional fluke-style lures.   If a fish bites off the saucertail, you're still left with a very fishable lure, essentially like a single tail fluke.  With standard flukes, you'd have to re-rig.

Project X 3" Saucertails come in 4 fish-catching colors...Electric Rooster, Ghost Pearl, Chartreuse and Copper Penny.

Each resealable bag contains 6 supercharged, super-scented, super deadly soft plastic baits.

$6.49 X