X-Light works in Fresh or Saltwater!

Harness the Power of Light to help you catch more fish!  The X-Light from Project-X Tackle mimics the same light produced by bioluminescent life in the ocean.   X-Light's flashing light pattern get the attention of game fish and draws them to your bait or lure, and the electromagnetic field convinces them to strike hard and hang on! 

Compared to other fish attracting lights which require saltwater to operate, the X-Light works in fresh or saltwater.   Now freshwater anglers who fish deep for stripers, walleye, spotted bass and catfish can benefit from the fish-attracting characteristics of the X-Light.

If you fish the salt, inshore or offshore, the X-Light works equally well in the daytime or at night.   Mangrove snapper, grouper, amberjack, tarpon, flounder and more will attack a rig that includes the X-Light.

The X-Light is available in three fish-catching colors...Blue, Green and Prismatic, which cycles through a rainbow of colors to mimic many of the deepwater squid and bioluminescent shrimp.

Add an X-Light to your favorite rig and watch your drag start screaming.

$11.99 X